Group Dental & Health Benefits

At Boehmer Group, we offer comprehensive employee benefit solutions for the sole proprietor, partnerships, corporations, and non-profit groups. We are proud to be able to provide business owners with custom designed quality Group Benefit Programs that are clear, simple and affordable.

Common questions that we get asked are:

• Are there any industry restrictions placed on your programs? No, there are no industry restrictions to apply for benefits

• Is there a minimum number of employees to apply for benefits? No, there is no minimum size requirement to apply for benefits

• Can I choose the type of coverage that we want to apply for? Yes! You can choose the coverage that best meets your needs

• Does the program have Cost Plus? Yes! Run additional health expenses not covered on your plan through your company, through Cost Plus

At Boehmer Group we aim to help you; design a benefit plan that suits your needs, attract and retain employees, and manage your benefit plan cost control.



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