Q: Have I discussed the important estate issues that will arise at my death such as; who is going to run or own the company, who will manage the real estate, and what should my spouse choose as an investement strategy after my death?

A: Over the years, there have been many times when we assisted families that have suffered the loss of a family member. While these situations are stressful and difficult, it’s been reassuring to know that we have been able to help these families avoid financial hardship through sound protection planning.

Q: Do I have enough money to meet my retirement needs?

A: We have helped our clients establish retirement plans in order to achieve their lifetime goals. For any one of our clients, this could mean having the funds to buy a car, to take a long-awaited trip, or to fund a child’s (or a grandchild’s) education while securing a retirement free of financial stress. At Boehmer Group, we know this assistance gives our clients considerable peace of mind, knowing their financial dreams are attainable.

Q: Does my family know what my plan is?

A: At Boehmer Group, our success is based on building solid client relationships, designing sound plans and providing the best possible advice for each and every one of our clients. We take pride in helping our clients plan today to create a successful tomorrow.




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